Our IndeVets

We’re proud of our diverse group of veterinarians. Our team lives in and
around the communities we serve, to reduce commute time and increase quality of life. More
information, including full CVs and Profiles, are available to Independent Vets clients.


Where they’re from (to name a few):


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What they’re like:

Grew up in a veterinary office
Loves to teach.
Dog agility enthusiast
Previous hospital owner
Behavior specialist
DEA licensed
USDA certified


What they do:

General Practice -- Small Animal
Soft-tissue surgery


What they say:

“I’m not a big believer in the one-size-fits-all approach to veterinary
medicine; I like to consider each pet on an individual basis, what’s
best for them based on their lifestyle.”


“ I like to connect with my clients, listen to their concerns, and explain the
circumstances of their pet’s health in an easy and understandable way.
I do not judge my clients; I adapt to each and every unique circumstance.”


“I like to take the time to explain things to the owners in a way that
they can understand so that they can participate in their pets care.
I am dedicated to doing a thorough physical exam for every
patient and to being emotionally available to support clients
through the hardest decisions.”


“I view it as my job to make sure the hospital I am at runs
smoothly and efficiently; that the clients are happy
and the patients are well cared for.”

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