Dr. Missy King

Director of
People & Culture

What do you do for IndeVets?

I am passionate about working to build a company culture focusing on the wellbeing of the doctors just as much as on the wellbeing of the clients. I am a firm believer that happy, healthy employees can define success and that lack thereof can be predictive of failure. I work to provide support and advocacy for our doctors and help to ensure that our goal of work-life balance and happy vets is at the forefront as we grow and expand.

Who are you?

I am a mother of two beautiful boys, Redding and Quinton. While they are rambunctious and fast-paced, they also remind me daily to slow down in my own life and take in the small moments that really are the big important moments (first steps, first words, first days of school).

I am a wife to an amazingly supportive man who has been my partner for 17+ years. He is my polar opposite and grounding force.

I am a teacher. I love to teach and am blessed to currently teach for an MPH program through The University of North Texas. In a previous life, I taught economics at Rowan University in New Jersey.

I am one of the “originals” here at Indevets. I met Michael and Andrew in the fall of 2017. My risk averse personality took some time to allow me to take a leap with them, but I am so glad and so grateful that I did!

I am a survivor. We talk about the mental health crisis in our profession, but I want to help destigmatize it and put a face on it - I’ll start here with my own. It’s a long road and a daily battle but I’m appreciative for colleagues (one in particular), friends and family who helped me through such a difficult time. I hope I can pay it forward to someone else in need one day.

What’s your favorite trip?

Luang Prabang, Laos. Unreal trip!


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