3 Reasons

To Hire an IndeVet


(though we could go on)


Get Your Life Back

When you’re down a key staff member, everything gets a little harder.
Everyone is working longer hours, frustrations build. It’s not easy.

Whether it’s to cover for a colleague on maternity leave or to fill a spot for a vet who just
moved across the country, hire an IndeVet and life gets a lot easier.
Our teams are ready to fill the gaps in your schedules -- today.
Give everyone on your team a break. Yourself included.


We Fit in With You

We put our veterinarians through a battery of tests
to make sure they will be a good fit for your hospital:

Background Checks
License Checks
Personality Profiles
Practice Management System Assessments
Standard Operating Procedure Reviews (for your hospital)
Clinical Protocol Reviews


Our Team is Special

Do you need a particular skill in your IndeVet ?
We have veterinarians with exotics skills.

When you hire Independent Vets, we collect key information about
your hospital that helps us select your perfect partner.
How long are your appointments?
Who performs blood draws?
Which heartworm prevention brands do you recommend?

Our teams show up with everything they need to help your hospital succeed.


Solve your work flow challenges today!